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Giving Back - Harvest for Hunger

As a real estate agent I don't view my work as being about houses, I view it as being about our community!

For this reason, I am also the President of a new community project and non-profit called Harvest for Hunger. In short, we provide resources, financial support, and volunteer support to people within our community who want to make a difference by planting gardens to grow food locally. Garden Hosts have space in their yard for a garden and commit to donating at least 25% of what they grow, which is then gathered and redistributed to people within our community who are in need - local shelters, soup kitchens, and families who are struggling to put meals on the table.

Every single house we sell, $100 of our commission is donated to this worthy cause.

The money goes towards educational events, financial grants for low-income Garden Hosts, efforts to spread this movement far and wide, and all the other administrative costs that come with running an organization like this.

Not only does this program aim to help feed the 136,000 people that regularly go without meals in Salt Lake County, it does a whole lot more good for everyone involved!

Helping the Environment & Air Quality

Growing locally is more sustainable, and cuts down on the number of miles our food has to travel to get to us (also known as "food miles"), which means less trucks on the road, which increases air quality.

Helping People Eat Healthier

Garden Hosts have access to fresh produce in their back yard - picked right off the vine! Volunteers who commit to helping us throughout the season will get fresh produce gifted to them to thank them for all their hard work, so they get healthier food, too. And last but not least, it's difficult for people who are in need to get fresh produce - most of the time the food available at food banks or shelters are canned or frozen goods, or is largely junk food. A healthy body, leads to a healthy mind and a healthy life, which is what these people are striving to have. We can help them by providing fresh produce!

Having More Control - Organic Gardening

Food produced on a large scale are often treated with pesticides and chemicals, and you don't really know what's going into your food. By growing it yourself you have absolute control! We encourage organic gardening practices to both help the earth and to increase the health of those eating the food.

Community Engagement

By building a community with similar goals we gain many benefits - you can trade different types of produce among yourselves, giving you access to a large variety of foods in your diet. You can make new friends from all different walks of life - that stretch across generations, different socioeconomic statuses, different neighborhoods; there really are no bounds.

Get involved by signing up to be a Garden Host, volunteer, or donate to the cause via:

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