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BIG Changes!

Edited: My brokerage is no longer IMPOWER, as of March 2019. My brokers are still the same amazing people that I talked about in this original blog post, they just opened their very own incredible brokerage called Unity Group Real Estate, and because they have become my family I followed them to the new brokerage.

So, as some of you know, and as the rest of you are about to find out - there have been some BIG changes around here lately!

First and foremost, I switched brokerages earlier this month, and I am now partnered with IMPOWER Real Estate: the most genuine, most supportive, and most empowering group of people I could ever ask for, and I love them to death.

Now most of you are probably wondering, "Why the change? What's different now?" In short, I was feeling a little stagnant where I was at, and more importantly I had identified that I have a very unique business model for the real estate world, and I wanted to surround myself with more people who felt the same way. Being with these people feels like home.

What does that mean?

I am not the "salesy" real estate agent or the "used car salesman for houses" real estate agent. I don't believe in cold calling, or in using over general marketing that's the same old stuff you get in your mailbox every week. I want to focus on building relationships with people that I care about and with people that I can help. I want to be the best real estate agent I can be, and I want to freely share that knowledge with anyone that can benefit from it. I deeply believe that a Realtor and client should have a strong personal connection, because not only does that allow me to find you a house that suites you perfectly, or sell your house more effectively to meet the objectives that are important to you, but it also gives you peace of mind from never doubting that I have your absolute best interests in heart.

Now that's not saying that I only want to sell to my existing friends. It just means that I want to really get to know my clients because my goal is to help them live the best life that they can live, and I'll do whatever I can to help achieve that. You're not just another number to me, not just another house to sell. You are you! And I care about you very much (or I wouldn't be working with you).

Related Exciting Changes

Because I'm now with my new brokers, it means there are some other changes in my business as well:

1. My email address is now:

All the rest of my contact info is still the same, including my phone number: 612-356-4384, and my website has been getting a make-over.

2. I am now able to GIVE BIG when it comes to first responders and military. So if any of my clients are active or veteran military, police officers, fire fighters, 911 dispatchers, or the surviving spouse of someone in one of these professions, I can now give back some of my commission to say thank you for your sacrifice and service to us all. If you questions about this program please let me know! I am so grateful to all of our military and first responders, especially since my fiance is a veteran, and I am absolutely thrilled that I now get to give back to these courageous people.

3. I also started a new non-profit called Harvest for Hunger, which helps people gain the skills and resources to grow back yard gardens, with each of our garden hosts committing to donating at least 25% of the food they grow, which will be donated to local homeless shelters/soup kitchens, and low income families who are in need. My real estate business is a proud sponsor of this effort!

So, you might start noticing some changes with my business as I focus more on relationships and on giving back to the community. As always, I appreciate your input and feedback, and I hope you're as excited about these changes as I am!

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