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Making a Come Back! – Wood Paneled Walls (and Ceilings)

One of the home decor oldies is now becoming a goodie again. Wood paneled walls of all kinds seem to be multiplying all over Salt Lake, and they are in many of the updated homes that I see.

Now I know, when you think wood paneling you think of the thin, flimsy wood paneling that is stuck on the wall in one big sheet, that was popular in the 1960′s, usually accompanied by orange carpet and brown couches. So much brown! So much….gross.

Photo via Matt Henry’s Photographs

But don’t dismiss the idea because of the horrible memories! Wood paneling has some new tricks up it’s sleeve, and looks absolutely beautiful when used in the right space.

Photo via Pinterest

Like this sleek, modern bedroom – you can’t tell me that wood paneling is old school while looking at this. It’s very popular to do wood paneling as an accent wall in a room, particularly the wall behind the bed.

Photo via Pinterest

A lot of people like the texture. Unlike the old wood paneling sheets, most of the recently installed walls tend to be actual wood planks, and people use all kinds of wood. The bedroom above, for example, uses reclaimed barn wood to give it a more rustic look.

Photo via Apartment Therapy

Another way to get a great textured look is to use shiplap, which has a groove cut into the top and bottom, which allows the pieces to fit together snugly, forming a tight seal and giving it a distinctive appearance, with subtle horizontal reveals between each piece.

Photo via Pinterest

If you do still have the original paneling from the 60′s – don’t tear it all down! It’s really easy to update your home by simply painting it. White is currently the trend, often paired with grey walls. People love it!

Photo via Pinterest

The second most popular color to paint wood paneling – blue. I have seen a lot of homes sporting this dark, smoky blue, or for a brighter look this light blue, which is my personal favorite.

Photo via Pinterest

It really does make a great addition to a wall where you already have shelves, book cases, or an entertainment center. Look at how much of a difference it makes in this before and after shot!

Photo via Pinterest

And part of the wood paneling trend that I was a little surprised by – ceilings! I know it sounds weird, but I’ve actually seen a few spaces with this look, and I think I like it.

Photo via Pinterest

As always, you can check out more photos like these on my Pinterest board: Wood Panel Decor. Definitely let me know what you think – do you like it, love it, or still too haunted by all the brown walls of your childhood?

All I can say is that if you’re considering selling your home, it might be a cheap and easy update that you want to consider. Many of my buyers just melt at the sight of it, especially when the color scheme is white and grey. It’s trendy!

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