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DIY Tips & Tricks: Coat Closet Transformation

If you’re like me – your coat closet is where you stash everything that doesn’t really have a home but is fairly useful so you try to keep it handy (sort of). Most of the time I don’t even carefully put items in there, I just kind of toss them in the general area I want it to be. And especially those of you with kids…you know what I’m talking about with the coat closet disaster.

We have talked about how to make our coat closet into more usable space because it is a fairly large closet that could be a great organizational space, but it’s not really functional as just a closed off box.

Apparently, I’m not the only one that thinks that way, and there is a huge trend in Salt Lake City of transforming coat closets into “mudrooms” instead, where shoes, coats, and back packs can be stored easily. Plus, some of these are pretty darn cute!

Look at this before & after:

Photo via Pinterest

I love this next one! This might just be the solution to my closet. This would be particularly nice because we have a split-level house (which is common in Salt Lake), so currently the only place to put shoes on is sitting on the stairs and the only place to store them is in the 6′ x 4′ space right in front of the door.

Photo via Pinterest

Even the smallest of closets can become stylish accents. Don’t you just love that wood paneling?

Photo via Pinterest

You can check these out and more on my DIY Home Improvement board on Pinterest.

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