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DIY Tips & Tricks: Trendy Concrete Countertops

Sticking with this whole industrial modern theme we seem to be exploring the past week – with the tool chest kitchen island/bar and taking a tour around Poplar Grove & Glendale this week, today we’ll take a look at one of the newest trends in counter tops: concrete.

If you haven’t seen it before and try imagining it in your head, I’ll admit, it sounds awful. But when done right they are absolutely gorgeous! It’s especially popular to pair with exposed brick, farm sinks, open ceilings with exposed duct work and pipes, wood plank walls, and other industrial or rustic touches.

I love this bathroom counter with the rimless sink!

Photo from Maine Home + Design

And how many of you wouldn’t love to have one of these kitchens?! I know I would!

Photo from HGTV

Photo from

Photo from Deco-crete Supply

And if these aren’t contemporary or wild enough for you – how about a bar with a built in fire place? I know I’ve seen a lot of fireplace features like this popping up in several new chic restaurants and you’ll see them in some modern luxury homes.

Photo from Surecrete Products

Although these counter tops definitely add a flare of style and luxury, and they look extraordinarily expensive – believe it or not, you can do it yourself if you’re handy enough! I don’t think I’d dare try the fire feature myself, but the regular counter top maybe.

There are two ways to do it: poured or skim coat. If you’ve already got a good solid countertop surface skim coat sounds like the easiest and is definitely the cheapest way to go. Here is a great “how-to” I found on Bless’er House if you’re thinking of trying it out!

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